Roadmap to Free Heating, Free hot water, Free car driving and Free electric.
Pay only €1,242 VAT out of Pocket.

Turn €5,000 into €100,000 in 7 to 8 years

€280 can provide free firewood for life

No effect on household budget

Hybrid Firewood Trees

A household fast growing tree plantation of 140 trees on an area half the size of a G.A.A. square can provide free firewood for life. No replanting needed. New trees grow from the harvested stump.

Our System

Our system incorporates solar, wood stove and chimney flue heat recovery that will save you thousands of euro each year.
The Hybrid heating and hot water system can save you up to €50 a week.

Pays For itself

A credit union energy loan to install the system could be paid for in just 3 ½ years with fuel cost savings and the help of a seai grant.

Heat Not Lost

Even with a good stove there is up to 50% heat loss up the chimney, and up to 80 or 90% with an open fire.
Our system recovers most of heat that would normally be lost.

Make Profit

A one acre plantation of 2,500 hybrid fast growing trees in 7 to 8 years could generate a return of up to  €100,000 on your own land. Maybe a investment for retirement, children's college fees or just profit.

For New & Old Homes

Our System is 100% suitable for new and old homes and can be easily integrated into existing central heating systems and retain your existing boiler as a last resort backup.

Extra Benefits

Excess solar heat in summer can be used to dry cloths and season firewood.

Cycle Loss

Each cold start with oil boilers lose the equivalent in energy as boiling 50 electric kettles usually twice a day.

Clean & Tidy Job

No drilling, jackhammering or lifting floorboards all pipes up the chimney. all dust sucked up the chimney by a large fan on the chimney pot.