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About FreeEnergy

Home of the most efficient hybrid ,heat pump ,solar ,wood-stove ,chimney heat recovery ,attic and cavity wall insulation system on the market . We all need to save energy , cut our costs and reduce our carbon footprint thankfully they all go hand in hand . When talk of saving energy comes up most people think of electricity but 80% of the energy used in the average home is used on central heating and hot water with only 20% used on everything else combined . Our system can reduce the cost to a quarter that of oil/gas central heating and hot water . Furthermore with a plantation of just 120 fast growing , specially developed for firewood hybrid trees , planted on as little as 120 square meters a homeowner will have free heating and hot water for life. These new hybrid trees will produce three times the amount of fire wood compared to a typical hardwood tree and have a greater calorific value. With our system because of the free solar heat maintaining a good foundation heat in the buffer tank the stove has much less work to do ( not having to heat from rock bottom each time as a standard boiler-stove system would ) the amount of firewood used is greatly reduced . There are a number of advantages to using our specially designed buffer tank both solar and the inset-stove heat this tank meaning the heating system responds much quicker ( unlike a standard systems stop-go / stop-go until it eventually builds up heat ) , you burn much less fuel , get better performance , can have morning heating without lighting the fire just from the heat in the buffer tank from the night before , can have occasional heating just from solar free energy on the odd chilly morning or evening ( this cuts out wasteful cycle loss of using an oil/gas boiler )
The system can pay for itself without using your own hard earned savings by using a Credit Union energy loan and pay repayments with money saved on fuel costs it could be done in three years or so .
There are two good reasons for getting this system and following our plan – save money and future proof your home and more importantly to do your part in cutting carbon outputthe average home produces 7 tonne of CO2 and the average family car produces 3 tonne of CO2 each year , this could be reduced to NIL with our system and by changing to an electric car for local use . Both changing your energy use in the home and changing to an electric car can be financed through energy cost savings ( with night charging on low tariff electric it can be about 8 times cheaper per mile to run ).
The last few generations are the people who created the carbon nightmare but they did not know the damage they were causing therefore can be forgiven , are we the generation that will be remembered as the generation that knew full well the harm we are doing and did nothing .