We supply and install the most economical heating and hot water system on the market.
Running cost can be reduced to a quarter of the cost of a typical oil/gas and immersion system. Furthermore the cost can be reduced to nil year after year with a once off planting of ABORA quick growing trees for firewood. A 240 plantation on about a tenth of an acre at a cost of €480 with an 8 year growing and seasoning cycle will provide 30 trees per year for fuel for your stove an no replanting needed. As new shoots will grow for the stump of the harvested tree.

Standard System: Double size Solar System, Inset Wood Stove, Chimney Heat Recovery, Heating Controls Upgrade and Attic Insulation.
A heat pump can be added in some circumstances.

We are a 100% Irish owned company, based in Edenderry, Co.Offaly, that have developed the most economical, sustainable home heating and hot water systems on the market.

We have a large number of systems around the country with customers happy to have a complete economical, low maintenance and permanent solution for their heating and hot water needs.